Smarter Driving

Did you know….?

Car sharing is a great way of sharing the burden of driving, including the costs without giving up the flexibility of car ownership. By splitting the costs of fuel there is no impact on motor insurance so long as profit isn’t made.

Many people car share for some or all the commute and have informal arrangements for taking their own vehicles when necessary. It won’t be an option for everyone but as fuel prices rise it is a travel choice worth considering. Is it something you’d try for the weekly shop with a friend or for the school run?

Most people find a car share match through informal channels but there are websites which can help.

Did you know…?

By driving smarter the average UK driver could save between £300 and £350 each year. With prices continuing to rise, now is an excellent time to start to learn to drive more efficiently. The Energy Savings Trust website promotes how you could achieve this.