New Active Travel Strategy for Moray

Active Travel Strategy March 2017 The Council is in the process of producing an Active Travel Strategy for Moray and would like your views. An active travel strategy looks at all measures needed to encourage more active travel journeys i.e. those made by non motorised means such as walking, cycling, scooting, skating, horse riding etc. The draft version of the strategy was approved by committee in November 2016 and will be considered again as an approved document in March 2017, however the document will continue to evolve and you have the opportunity to input your ideas and suggestions.

We would like to know what you want, what would encourage you to make more journeys by foot, bike or other non motorised means? Where do you enjoy using the existing routes and where would you like to see more routes developed. Once the document is finally approved the next stage will be to start to produce maps of the all the existing active travel routes and aspirational maps of where people would like us to construct new routes, where the missing links are needed or where work needs doing to improve existing routes.

The approved Active Travel Strategy can be read by following the link above and you can comment by emailing or click on the contact link at the bottom of the home page.