Creating travel choices for Forres, Kinloss and Findhorn

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Urban Freedom has been helping local people to improve the environment of Forres, Kinloss & Findhorn to make them more pleasant places to live, visit and spend time.  This latest work was funded by the Scottish Government and led by The Moray Council; the campaign aimed to reduce traffic and congestion in addition to helping people be a bit more active.

Cars have an important role to play in our transport system, and are essential for many people’s journeys, yet no-one wants our towns to be dominated by traffic.  The campaign highlighted that there are good alternatives to the car for many local journeys.  With many people spending over £1,000 on fuel every year, big savings can be made by driving a bit less. Regular bus services link Kinloss, Findhorn and most of Forres, with Service 31 providing an hourly service, six days a week. In 2015, the Council, in partnership with Stagecoach North Scotland, provided investment for these buses to carry bicycles, giving greater opportunities to travel further by bike.

As well as being cheaper, different journey choices don’t always take much longer. For the shortest journeys, walking and cycling can be as quick as driving and one of the easiest ways for most of us to get the exercise that we need, for free!

During April Urban Freedom’s team of travel advisors offered advice to local people about their travel options.  They provided every household with a travel information pack which, as well as a range of useful leaflets, also contained a voucher for a half price dayrider ticket on Service 31 to help residents get out and try the service!

Our team also visited households in Forres to give personalised travel advice,  free and tailored to personal circumstances.

In addition, the team also worked with local schools and in community facilities in and around Forres.

Urban Freedom leaflet web